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(erielack) Bankrupt in Bradford

Notices from the attorneys have been mailed.  Bradford Locomotive Works has
filed for Bankruptcy.  Those who have sent money and not received locomotives
will have to wait in line with the other creditors.

Bradford was offering a full line of Lackawanna steam locomotives, and he
produced many of the engines on the Steamtown layout.  Many have quibbled with
his castings and craftsmanship, justifiably, which is what led to his demise.
His first Lackawanna offering was the 2-8-0.  He owed me a 2-8-0 and a 2-8-2. 

Proprietor David Grover is okay, employed by the NPS at Steamtown.  I'm sure
the bankruptcy was purely to get out of the debt of a failed business.

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