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(erielack) Sunken stuff near the Water Gap

In a message dated 10/20/99 9:55:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
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> There's also the great DL&W wreck at Del Water Gap, across the way from NJ,
>  where a steam locomotive (a Pocono?) went too fast and flew into the river.
>  Apparently, it was pulled out. 

One of the drawbacks of lists like this is that there's no way to reference 
earlier posts.  The equipment in the Delaware has been covered in great 
detail over a year ago, as I did lots of research into the various events and 
talked to some of the participants.

The Lackawanna steam engine was 4-6-2 1136, on No.9, the Paper Train, in 1948 
whose engineer was two hours late on a three-plus-hour schedule.  It and a 
wood-bodied milk car went off at the point of the Gap at an estimated 70 mph 
according to the FRA investigation.  I have photos and a micro-film reprint 
of the front page of the NY Times showing and describing the 1136 being 
removed from the River, and its number plate is in the collection of the 
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

The cement cars were, too removed, I'm told, after a long period of them 
sitting there, but some parts are still there.  The freight cars that are 
still in the River are from a mid-1960s wreck of a CNJ/EL train, and a few of 
those cars are still there.

Every so often the Pocono Record hears from some wild-eyed diver who finds 
the railway parts and reports that there's a steam engind down there.  There 
ain't.  If there were, the NPS would have it out and on display somewhere.  

The White Lake engine is new to me                        ....Mike

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