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Re: (erielack) 42 years ago this morrning.

Is there any reason why an answer to this if answered be list member needs
to be off list? It seems to be of required content for the list and I'm sure
more than myself would be interested in an account of this event.
Anyone who belongs to a railroad historical society should be alert to one
of that organization's missions: The preservation and dissemination, written
or verbal, of information pertaining to the object railroad/s.  In too many
cases, it's all that's left.

This certainly falls within that realm.

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> It's now 5:10am.  42 years ago this morning the Cementer was just arriving
> back at Port Morris, and the East End Drill was getting it's orders on how
> was blocked, and yarding instructions.  In less than an hour approximately
> dozen or more cement cars, and a caboose would be rolling free, west, over
> east bound track two on the cut off. Most would wind up in the Delaware
> at the Water Gap.
> Any one knowing or having SPECIFIC details of this event please contact me
> off list.
> Thanks
> Bob
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