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(erielack) Re:Erie and Wyoming Valley

Here's some more info on your question # 7, from Bud
Chase's talk at the 1997 ARHS convention on operations on
the Wyoming Division

>7.    The Erie had trackage rights from Plains Jct to 
>Ashely on the CNJ Canal 
>Branch. What was the purpose of these trackage rights? Did

>Erie run trains 
>into the CNJ Ashely yard for interchange? 

One through freight per day each way, called the"Ashley"-
symboled AY-78 (North) and  AY-91 (South). Called the
"Wyoming Ashley" and the "Jeff Ashley" when on each
division. Went to the CNJ  at Ashley via Plains Jct. and
Consisted of merchandise traffic and coal. Westbounds were
mostly merchandise traffic, but filled out with coal at
Avoca. Generally a heavy train, 6000 tons, using dynamic
brake equipped and automatic train control equipped GP-7s
of the 1200 series (in the 1950's). These trains had
pushers from Avoca to top of the grade at Arrarat.
Erie engines ran on CNJ into Ashley yard. CNJ engines never
came down to Avoca.

Vince Lee

Modelling the Erie Wyoming Divison and the Erie
28th Street Terminal in New York City

Northeast Railfanning Photos-http://leesome1226.tripod.com/

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