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(erielack) OT: CNJ High Bridge Branch question

I biked the Columbia Trail a few days ago from the end of track to High
Bridge and back.  The Hunterdon County section has distance posts from
both ends; that section is exactly (!) seven miles.  The Morris County
section isn't marked.  Does anyone here have a CNJ timetable with High
Bridge Branch distances?  The one reproduced in IRON MINE RAILROADS does
not have distances.

The only structure remaining, other than bridges, is the Califon station:
the town donated stone so a 'suitable' station would be built instead of
the usual CNJ wooden structure.  It is now a local history museum, open
two Sundays a month from 1 to 3 pm.

Gary R. Kazin
DL&W Milepost R35.7
Rockaway, New Jersey


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