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RE: (erielack) El-CNJ Coke Trains

> A friend asked if I know anything about the CNJ-EL coke 
> trains symboled ESX & SEX (a real joke with the crews he was 
> told) that ran duriing the 70s. I don't but expect someone on 
> the list does.
> Does anyone have any info as to origin, routing, interchange, 
> final customer, how long this arrangement lasted, quantity of 
> cars, etc.?

They only ran a handful of these trains (maybe 4 or 5), and photos are
fairly rare. From what I remember, the coke was loaded into the hoppers
at E'port from a ship, but I don't know the ultimate destination of the
coke - most likely for a steel plant, but where I'm not sure where in
the Scranton area this would have been? Unless it was passed off to the
Reading at Rupert to go to Bethlehem?

	- Paul

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