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Re: (erielack) EL / CNJ Scranton

     Chuck..........I don't know if U saw my post about being called for the wrecktrain when there was a derailment on the Keyser Valley curve. After getting the wrecktrain from Binghamton to the scene, we had fun under the direction of RFE Miller trying to pull the rearend of thetrain back from the derailed cars so the big hook could commence rerailing the rest of the cars. 
As the time passed, it was decided to put #1 onto the D&H and send the engineer (Bobby Segrue)& I deadhead to Binghamton n the train. Routing was D&H to Starucca, then onto the ERIE & back to Binghamton. I think this was before the Nicholson tunnel was worked on.
      BTW, when's ur next volume  on the anthracite RRs coming out??  I've re-read the first 5 or 6 times now & it keeps showing me how little I knew about the area up home.
Walt Smith
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Thanks guys for all the replies to my CNJ/EL joint service.  ( Larabee,Sheppard,Connor,Brezinski) 

After reviewing all the info and thinking more (my original e-mail to Paul should have been one of those "Put brain in gear before hitting keyboad" deals) it becomes obvious that the CNJ units were backing empties into the D&H interchange off the Daimond Branch. If I get a chance I will post a scan of the slide. Which is why the locos would have been ehading west at Bridge 60.

But questions lead to more questions. I have spent over seventy years delving into the maze of Scranton area railroads and still ahven't figured it all out.

The CNJ /DL&W interchange at Taylor was the only major source of traffic on the CNJ north of Wilkes-Barre since they used the D&H to Minooka Jct.
then there was only 5 miles of CNJ track to Scranton. There the line only had two graocery warehosues, aCudahy meat Co, team tracks, and ameagre interchange with the O&W. As a kid I lived close to the CNJ tracks and I always thought the railroad only ran engines and cabooses, not knowing that they picked up their train at Taylor. The CNJ roundhouse was the one spot where we kids were welcome.

But the Erie had a through mixed train each way from Suquehanna to the CNJ at Ashley. These trains went over Erie Jeff Jct to Cabondale, then on D&H to Avoca. There they went back on Erie trackage winding through Pittston etc. to Plans Jct where the branch met the Canal branch of the CNJ. But the Erie train went over on to the CNJ branch and through Wilkes-Barre to Ashley.  This interchange and traffic ceased when CNJ abandoned all PA trackage in 1972-3. Question is, did the EL route this fromer Erie train to Scranton via DL&W route after that??  Or did it run at all after the EL merger??

BTW....there was no Erie - DL&W interchange in Scranton. The only one even near was at Dunmore down behind the car shops and was seldom,if ever, used.  To get from Erie trackage rights on the D&H to DL&W would have meant going over about 1.5 miles of D&H track where the Erie and DL&W had no trackage rights. To my knowledge, the only time the EL ran over the D&H was when the Nicholson tunnel was closed to lower the track (Frirst EL Sciety meet, at Binghamton, Schuyler!)

Fine double page spread of a view of CNJ at Minooka Jct with DL&W Tayloer station in back ground in Anth RR's & Mining Vol I. Minooka Jct was one of those palces you would never find if not a native!

Chuck Yungkurth\Boulder CO

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