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From: "Paul R DOT Tupaczewski" paultup AT optonline DOT net
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 22:57:50 -0400
Subject: My vacation (no real EL content, but some related to past discussions)
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Several months ago, we went off on a short thread about rollercoasters
and their tie-in to the EL/Erie/DL&W. Well, I just got back from a
mini-vacation (4 days) to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, OH,
the self-proclaimed "roller coaster capital of the world." (with 16
coasters, this is technically true... :)

Attached are three shots of the park's superb 3-foot gauge railroad.
Though the passenger cars are "amusement park quality" (open sides,
etc.) - they do have arch bar trucks (with roller bearings!) - the
locomotives are all pure live steam. They usually operate with two
2-4-0s, the "Myron H." - a 1942-built Vulcan engine - and the "Judy K."
(named for Cedar Point's CEO's wife, Judy Kinzel), a 1990s-built engine
by some Midwestern builder (can't remember the name). Both engines are
kept spit-polish clean - refer to the attached photos. And they burn
coal! It's a very neat feeling to be in an amusement park, and seeing a
live steam locomotive getting watered under a wooden water tower! They
have another steamer that I always see in the shop, but haven't seen it
outside. A fourth steamer, a 2-6-0, is now stuffed and mounted in the
park. There is also a small Plymouth switcher, decorated up to look like
a tiny 0-4-0.

Oh, why did I go out to the park? To ride the new "Top Thrill Dragster"
rollercoaster. It launches you from 0 to 120mph in 4 seconds, then
shoots you up a 420-foot-tall tower (both of these numbers are world
records for a roller coaster). The "dragster.jpg" image is what I looked
like on this ride (try not to laugh too hard!) - I'm the one on the
right in each image. :)

If anyone has questions about Cedar Point's railroad, please E-mail me
off-list so as not to tie up the group with non-list-related chatter -

- Paul


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