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From: Michael Sheehy njnyrr AT optonline DOT net
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 23:17:52 -0400
Subject: RE: (erielack) Erie cabooses, also Eckerson Road crash pics about 1950
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I know the NJ&NY used cabooses on some of their local freights. The
attached pictures show the aftermath of an accident around 1950 at the
Eckerson Road crossing in Spring Valley, NY (just north of Woodbine Yard and
the Union Rd station). The locomotive involved was a Pacific pushing a
boxcar, and trailing a caboose behind the tender (see the second picture,
Erie #04927?). A woman allegedly tried to beat the train in her car and was
fatally struck (a Mrs. Kearsing of Monsey).

I also have faint memories (late 70's) of Conrail cabooses in Park Ridge
(also former NJ&NY)on the now gone local freights.

Why the 30-something mile NJ&NY had cabooses on it (granted, Erie, not their
own) is unclear, except for the obvious place to rest while switching local
freights. This was a job of hours, not an overnight, however, and there
certainly were enough trackside diners, groceries, hotels, etc to get food
and drink and take a break at.

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Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 11:19 AM
Subject: (erielack) Erie cabooses

How common were caboose lines on Erie before 1950?

There's a John Long photo of one of these lines taken during a snow storn at
night in "Erie Power". Were they common during the day, only at night, or
only on a few days like holidays?

I'd like to model one if they were common.

How frequently did train men stay in cabooses over night? I would much
prefer to stay in a YMCA or boarding house. Did the railroad pay for the
YMCA/boarding house or did the train man?

Did each crew have it's own caboose? The same caboose could be used for all
crews on long distance trains like NYC-Chicago produce trains if the crews
stayed in YMCAs.


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