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From: Michael Sheehy njnyrr AT optonline DOT net
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 22:56:31 -0400
Subject: Comet I Seats and 1600-series Snack Bar cars (was RE: (erielack)
Profitable services?)
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The Comet I cars were built with reversible seat backs and cloth seats,
correct? When and why was this changed in the Comet cars? I seem to
remember these seats as a young railfan and PV Line rider in the late 70's
('78, '79...). Likewise for the pseudo "Snack-Bar" car that was on one of
the evening trains but did not function as one. I have posted a picture of
one of these Comet I cars, the 1600, on this list before, along with an
early '70's menu, and since it has again become relevant, I'll re-send it.
What I found funny about the menu, is that under drinks, it just said "BEER"
and "PREMIUM BEER". Not Budweiser, or Ballantine's, or Packard-Bamberger (I
have a pic of a can of that somewhere) or Pabst Blue Ribbon. Makes me
wonder what brand(s) they served. Likewise for the "ALE".

Where is the 1600 and the other Snack-Bar cars now?

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Subject: Re: (erielack) Profitable services?

Tupaczewski, Paul R (Paul) wrote:

> How did they do bar cars on the older (DL&W "Boonton" car and Erie
Stillwell) equipment?

The attendant would flip the seat backs so he could stand between the
seats, and the platform was placed on the seat backs. This was for all
equipment, except the 1600 coaches.
> And if you're referring to the Comet I equipment, that seems to imply that
not EVERY train had a bar car (there were only 10 of them - 1600-1609 - and
I'm fairly certain there were a lot more than 10 outbound diesel-powered
trains between 3:30 and 11:30 PM)
> - Paul

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