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From: "Tupaczewski, Paul R (Paul)" paultup AT lucent DOT com
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 13:36:40 -0400
Subject: Photos for your perusal... part 2
"430_+427+443_Croxton_NJ_-_6-12-77_-_PRT_coll_1975_.jpg" - image/jpeg, 221475 bytes, 1324x878 (24bit)

I love shots like this! It's during Conrail days, but not all that much has changed at Croxton in this early morning view. There are six visible ex-EL swtichers (only two of which have gotten the "CR" treatment), as well as some PC power around the turntable and a former NYC GP40 at the right. One of several Croxton light towers' bases can be seen in front of the CR GP40. Modelers take note: The ground is slimy, muddy, sand-stained, and there are lots of tufts of weeds growing in the few spots that haven't been soaked by petroleum-based product. The roundhouse almost seems diminutive, being blocked by a selection of motive power.

The "famous" Croxton sanding towers are directly behind the photographer; the power just barely visible at the left appears to be road power ready for its next run.

Here's a question: Croxton hosted quite a number of local trains radiating out on the many lines that left here - where were the switchers for these trains kept? Were they clustered around the enginehouse, as seen here in CR days?

- Paul

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