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From: "Tupaczewski, Paul R (Paul)" paultup AT lucent DOT com
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 10:57:35 -0400
Subject: Another EL photo to peruse...
"3311_+3376_Train_CS-9_-_Great_Notch_NJ_-_7-6-75_-_PRT_coll_1332_.jpg" - image/jpeg, 264655 bytes, 1310x853 (24bit)

Pardon the soft focus, but I love this shot!

Westbound freight CS-9 passes the station at Great Notch, NJ, while the mid-day passenger "turn" from Hoboken awaits its eastbound departure. Note the new rail on the ground here alongside the track - this area really took a beating from all the freight traffic! And note the parent and child on the platform watching the show on this July 6, 1975.

The propane tank behind the tree at the left - was that for the station or for the gas station at far left?

- Paul

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