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From: "Michael Riley" wdperson AT hotmail DOT com
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2003 19:21:59 -0400
Subject: (erielack) a ride on the EL 2003
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Hello to all,

I went to Kent, Ohio today with my daughter, wife, parents and brother
and went on a train ride at the Kent Heritage Festival. The train ride was
on the former EL main line that went through Kent, Ohio. The train ride
left just timetable east of the Kent, Ohio Erie/EL train station. I have
attached 2 photos. The first is the present state of the Kent station. It
is shown on the cover of EL Vol. 1 West End by Larry DeYoung and also more
photos of the station and Kent on pages 90-91. The second photo attached is
Wheeling and Lake Erie 200 (GP35 from what was marked on the loco) in a Ohio
Bicentennial scheme. My digital photo seems to have taken very blurry
photos :-(. The trip was very nice. Interesting things that were seen on
the trip, what was the Kent yard for the EL is not even remotely noticeable.
I ventured a guess on a few places it could have been, but I wasn't sure.
I know it was removed even before the end of the EL. Some concrete/steel
combinations that looked to be possibly the bottom "feet" of signal masts.
Crossed over 3-4 individual steel trusses (what I mean by this is there are
3-4 bridges next to each other rather than 1 big bridge, each mainline may
have had its own bridge) that carried us over CSX (ex-B&O) mainline (CSX's
Baltimore-Cumberland-Willard-Chicago line). Very interesting. Also, went
over 2-3 individual wooden trusses (same as above, each mainline or yard
lead may have had its own bridge) it crossed over a stream. Only crossed
over 2 crossings. Very interesting part of the EL that is gone and I have
never seen. It may be only 27years since the EL has been gone, but it might
as well be a 100...... Part of the track seems to be still used based on
the fact that I saw 5-6 tank Cars on a siding at a business. Found that to
be interesting. The trip was 15 minutes to and then a 15 minute reverse
move. Overall, a good time.

Mike Riley

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