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From: "R DOT M DOT \"Rich\" Tubbs" rich AT richtubbs DOT net
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 11:22:43 -0400
Subject: And even more Erie 833
"173-08.jpg" - image/jpeg, 604x400 (24bit)

Isn't she just beautiful ! It's been a very long time since I saw a TTG unit
so I'm not even going to question whether the colors are "right on" or not.
It's just great to see her back in Erie livery!! Thank you Jimmy!

But I noticed a couple of things right off that were missing such as the
"Radio Equipped" lightning bolts and the bug shield over the headlight. I
did some checking and I found this picture of Erie 825 westbound at Marion
dated Oct 14, 1951.

She's 8 months old having been delivered in February but note that she
doesn't have the lightning bolts or bugshield yet. Which brings up some
questions like when did the E's gain the lightning bolts and bug shields. We
can tell that she does have a radio because you can see the firecracker
antenna. And when did they loose the skirting and the front coupler covers?

On a separate note, would the gentleman (I think your first name was
Terry??) that I was corresponding with regarding AC Tower and the Train
Dispatcher simulator program please contact me again offlist. Two things
happened....a quadruple bypass and a computer malfunction which erased all
my stored emails so I've lost your address.

Rich Tubbs
Marion, OH
Former EL Tower Operator


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