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From: "Daniel G DOT McFadden" dan DOT mcfadden AT gmail DOT com
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 13:09:21 -0400
Subject: RE: (erielack) Lackawanna FM H-16-44
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I did briefly see these units on the B&P and yes, they were very clean. On a
later visit Sept 28, 1961, I took one solitary shot of the 1934 in the yard
at Portland and you can see that the unit was pretty clean. The engine was
dead with no crew around and I suspect that it was either going to Scranton
for service or just returned.

Around this time, the little FM's began to stray from the B&P and I saw them
a number of times on sand trains. Needless to say, their appearance quickly
went downhill.

Dan McFadden

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Subject: Re: (erielack) Lackawanna FM H-16-44

One would think those engines stationed out of Bangor would be the dirtiest
on the RR, having to go in and out of those cement mills ever day. I can't
confirm this personally, but was told that the Bangor guys, ( hostlers? )
would wipe those little FM's down with Kerosene to keep them clean and

Pride, manpower and the EPA would be three voids that would negate that in
today's world.

Bob Bahrs

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According to several rosters I've seen the DL&W had six
of these locomotives, 930-935 (EL 1930-1935). I mention
this because in the Lehigh & New England Vol.II video
these engines are in a number of scenes. Mostly shot
working around Portland or Martins Creek PA in cement
country in the 1950s and early 1960s..

What I found especially noteworthy about these engines
was that while painted in Lackawanna's drab freight service
black, the crews kept a glossy shine on them. The narrator
Mike Bednar (of the Lehigh Valley Bednars) comments on
this several times. It was pretty awesome to see. That crews
working local service in the Cement Belt took that kind of
care of and pride in their equipment.

Below are two photos from the George Elwood site.

This shot of (by then) EL 1930 was taken at Bangor PA in
1962 by George Brunot.

This is EL 1933, also taken at Bangor by Bill
Volkmer.on Dec. 15, 1961.

tommy meehan

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