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From: pat DOT moore AT att DOT net
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 01:46:32 +0000
Subject: RE: (erielack) Reheis Chemical
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Since you mentioned Reheis Chemical, I thought I would share one of the few interesting bits of paper that I have in my collection. It is the "Daily Yard Check" for the yard at Murray Hill, NJ, from 2 July 1973 to about 31 October 1973. It appears this yard was small and mostly held freight cars going to Reheis Chemical, since most of the pages have that notation. Anyway, it is an interesting glimpse into what sort of freight cars and traffic was going in and out of a particular industry about 35 years ago.

Anybody out there modeling this section of line and Reheis Chemical?

Did the EL use this 'yard check" form for every small yard they had?

Was there some other form that was used for interchange with short lines, for example?

Just wondering.

-pat moore #1719

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From: "Tupaczewski, Paul R (Paul)"
> > Don't they manufacture anything in eastern New Jersey
> > anymore? or is NJ becoming just 1 big New York City suburb?
> >
> > By the end of 2008 the same thing will probable happen to
> > Reheist Chemical,
> > the only customer on the Gladstone Line.
> >
> > All this is very disheartening news!!
> > What is the reason why Reheist Chemical would be shutting
> > down?? Anyone know??
> Manufacturing is almost non-existant on the East Coast now. I'm shocked
> Reheis lasted as long as it did. It's located in Berkeley Heights, which
> is a fairly upper-middle-class neighborhood (most of the Gladstone
> Branch runs through some pretty high-rent districts, so to speak).
> It's sorry to see the death of local traffic on the Lackawanna side...
> :(
> - Paul
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