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From: "Hank Sundermeyer" sunderhj AT email DOT msn DOT com
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 10:08:45 -0400
Subject: EL in MSTS
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My thanks to the guy who made the EL skins for the F7, if he's on the list.
There's also an SW switcher, bay window caboose, and a whole string of
freight cars. Hopefully, E8's are on the list. The passenger cars are
reskinned VSOE coaches, the tapered roof ends give them a pseudo Erie look.

For those who have MSTS, there's an improved Digital Elevation Model data
extractor. I did the terrain around Port Jervis and it looks quite
respectable. The only drawback, each 2kX2k tile has to be visited to force
the program to recalculate the new elevation data. Tedious, but much faster
and more accurate than terraforming everything by hand. I'm sure the
developer will fix this in future versions.

A run up the Ramapo Valley would look great.

(Henry, I made the changes Will suggested, please post if they don't work
and I'll try again, thanks)



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