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From: Rich Young ryoungceo AT yahoo DOT com
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 22:33:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Erie / Lima Trailing Trucks
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Here are some photos of a Lima TT being built for an
order od Erie Berks. Which order I dunno ,as the
negative info did not specify. Also as a notes

Commonwealth was almost entirely owned by General
Steel Casting and was the patent owners of the "Delta"
one piece trailing truck ( both 2 and 4 wheel
versions) and cast bed frames, pilots, draft gear
amongst other things.

Advisory Mechanical Committee Standards bulletins
discuss the almost double the amount of stay bolt
breakage / replacement in the two classes of Lima berk
vs. the other two classes. discussed was the in the
bulletin are the lack of throat sheet support with the
Lima Truck placing a greater weight in the backhead
sheet supports and large virtually unsupported

On paper the Erie Berks had impressive numbers but the
locomotives factor of adhesion being somewhere around
3.75 made them slippery starters and prime canidates
for the boosters. TE don't mean squat if you can't put
it to the rails. The Erie berks in retrospect had to
much piston.

Also the Lima Built berks did not ave fully equalized
spring rigging the engine truck and main drivers were
all equlaized , but the springs were connected to the
frames after the #4 driver, thus making the locomotive
sprung like a consol with an isolated weight bearing
truck attached. It must have been a fun day at the
shop shimming one of these to get the axle loading

Photo 1 & 2 are views front and rear of the same truck
notable eceptions between the two are the placement
of the roller bearers on the rollers. Also note in the
rear view shot the cast riser with the Slide Plate
attached for the Franklin Radial Buffer the height was
such so that it was brought up to mate with all other
tenders. And the draw bar set up was standard AAR.

3,4,5 are detail shots


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