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From: "Daniel G DOT McFadden" dan DOT mcfadden AT gmail DOT com
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2012 18:30:04 -0400
Subject: RE: (erielack) BOONTON LINE PICTURE
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Ed & List,

The operation of the Branchville milk trains was quite different on weekdays
vs. weekends. It is a bit complicated and I am not clear on all details but
here is what I do remember from my mis-spent youth.

On weekdays, the milk came east on Train 1042 and went directly down the
Morristown Line. This train took no passengers and (looking at a 1961 emp.
tt.) reached Orange around 10 PM. Train 1042 was essentially the return trip
of Train 1015 which took passengers as far as Newton only (this is 1961). A
typical consist for 1042 would be a GP-7, 3 milk cars, and 4 Boonton Line

Also on weekdays, it is interesting how the empties were retrieved from
Orange. The first passenger run up the Boonton Line in those days was Train
1013 leaving Hoboken at 2 PM. This equipment then came east from Dover as
X-64 and dead-headed down the M&E. They stopped at Orange where they picked
up the milk empties for Hoboken. I am quite sure the empties then traveled
west on the Boonton Line but do not have those details handy.

On Saturdays, the empties went west on Boonton Line passenger train 1073
which took passengers as far as Newton arriving Branchville 9:25 PM. The
east bound milk was Train 1066 which took passengers as far as Dover and
then proceeded to Orange down the M&E. I suspect that this train also took
the empties to Hoboken after dropping the loads.

On Sundays, the milk cars went both ways on the Boonton Line. Empties went
west on Train 1059 and east on Train 1068 (my first fan trip was on this run
in 1959). Since the loads were delivered to Hoboken, an extra was needed to
get them to Orange. The loaded milk cars were taken from Hoboken to Orange
on X-49 while X-46 brought back the empties to Hoboken.

All of the trains referenced here can be found in the employee timetables
(which I have obviously used to refresh my memory!).

Also Ed, in another mail you mentioned milk cars hauled behind the MU's; I
never saw this. Cars of express (and mail) were hauled by the MU's but I am
dubious about milk.

A picture of X-64 in Madison is attached. This was taken in February 1960 at
which time they left two cars behind in Dover and ran east with only the
"Stove Coach".

Dan McFadden

PS: If you wish to hear milk run 1042 as reported by the Dover towerman,
here is a link that Paul T. put up for me some time ago

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From: Ed Montgomery [mailto:etmontgomery46 AT gmail DOT com]
Sent: Friday, August 03, 2012 9:11 PM
To: EL Mail List
Subject: Re: (erielack) BOONTON LINE PICTURE

After reading your comments, I'm assuming these new pictures might be
weekend trains. I had not heard of running milk all the way to Hoboken on
the Boonton Line and then hauled back to Orange. I wonder what the
reasoning was for that? Milk traffic probably helped a lot to pay for
running these trains.

Train 1009 was the w/bound weekday train that left around 3AM. It carried
mail and express and took about five hours to get to Branchville dropping
off expresss cars and express at stations along the way. It was the train
for anybody who stayed too late in NYC and had to get home. No MU's were
running at this hour.

Ed Montgomery

On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 1:54 PM, Daniel G. McFadden

> Very nice shots - anything with a DL&W Trainmaster rates high!
> For the most part, Sussex Branch trains DID run on the Boonton Line. One
> exception I can think of is the "Paper Train" that started out of Hoboken
> at
> an un-Godly hour (3:30 AM?). That was before my time but I do remember
> weekday Train 1042 that came east with the milk cars but no passengers - a
> typical consist was a GP-7, three milk cars, and four (empty) Boonton Line
> cars. It would come through Madison around 9:40 PM.
> On weekends, the milk came down the Boonton Line on regular passenger runs
> to Hoboken and then taken back out to Orange.
> Dan McFadden
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> From: Roger Clare []
> Sent: Friday, August 03, 2012 2:17 AM
> To: EL Mail List
> Subject: Re: (erielack) BOONTON LINE PICTURE
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> MtView_c1956_103r1-RogerClare_resize.jpg (image/jpeg, 749x1080 79104
> BF: 10.23 ppb)
> Here's a shot of the same Mountain View curve about 1955-56, and an
> eastbound arriving at the station. Would have been on a midsummer
> weekend, but I have no idea what the train is. Sussex branch trains did
> not run on the Boonton Line, right? Looks like she was coming in a
> little too fast.
> Does anyone have some good, close shots of the Mt. View station? I took
> some around 1951-52, but all my negatives disappeared, except a few like
> these, that I never filed.
> Roger Clare
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