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From: jananran AT mymailstation DOT com
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 00:02:53 -0300 (GMT-03:00)
Subject: New York Terminals Map
"PNYA1948SE.jpg" - image/pjpeg, 1690x2216 (24bit)

Here is a scan of a 1948 map issued by rthe Port of New York Authority showing the status quo as of that date. The map conveniently has fallen apart into four segments, each of which just fits my scanner. The four scans are large, to capture all the detail and fine print. They are the Northeast quadrant, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest.

If we regard the whole map as a clock face, Penn Station is about at the center of the face when all four are considered. The Hell Gate line comes from 1:00 and runs down the right side of the clock to Bay Ridge, down there at 6:00.

The red areas were all rail facilities. It was a busy place!

I fear my system will allow me to transmit no more than three images, so I will send the eastern half first, then the western half.

Randy Brown


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