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From: pat DOT moore AT att DOT net
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 04:01:12 +0000
Subject: Re: (erielack) Portage Bridge near Hornell
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Hi Don...

Here's a photo of the Portage Viaduct from below the upper falls in Letchworth State Park. Yeah, the picture was taken in 1983, but not much changed since Conrail took over. Pictures of trains going over the viaduct were a bit tricky because the tracks run east-west and all the easy photo locations are on the north side of the tracks and are backlit for the better part of the day.

It was my understanding that NS was working on a plan for a replacement span. Hard to believe they would let the whole Srn Tier line go to pot all for the want of a bridge.

-pat moore

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From: "Don"
> I was just reading the August Railpace and there's a blurb in the middle of
> page 47 claiming that a bridge on the north of Hornell on the old Erie line
> to Buffalo, referred to as the Portage Bridge, is in bad shape and the
> viability of the NS line from Binghamton to Buffalo is in jeopardy.
> Does anyone else know the story behind this? I doubt the line is in
> "jeopardy". I would think the state of New York and NS would work together
> to get it fixed; the state is the main reason the line survives to this day.
> Does anyone have a picture and/or stats on this Portage Bridge?
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