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From: "William E DOT Botkin" webotkin AT ecentral DOT com
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 21:58:10 -0600
Subject: Re: (erielack) Mock-up Model of Lake Hopatcong Station (FY08-141)
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Anything with photos, drawings and/or dimension would be extremely useful.
I have the attached company photo from 1911 and the postcard view, plus
quite few shots from the 1950s and 1960s, but no real dimensions of any of
the structures. I scaled the mock-up based on the photos I have, but before
I build the final model, I will have to draw up actual plans.

If you take a look in those folders and find any drawings or dimension of
the structures that be extremely useful!



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Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 9:36 AM
Subject: Re: (erielack) Mock-up Model of Lake Hopatcong Station (FY08-141)

> Bill,
> I have lots of "stuff" on Hoptacong in our files. Let me know if any of
> this sounds of interest. I'd be happy to pull the folders and look:
> DL&W RR--Chief Engineers Files--8035--Hoptacong Branch/Hoptacong Railroad
> Company (1934-1937)
> DL&W RR--Chief Engineers Files--8052--Bridges-Chester Junction--Over CNJ
> Lake Hoptacong Branch (1948-1954)
> DL&W RR--Superintendent of Signal Files--Trackage--020--Hoptacong, NJ
> (1942-1954)
> DL&W RR--Correspondence--General Superintendent--19714:
> Agreement--Hoptacong Shore Railroad--Morris County Traction Company
> (1907-1919)
> DL&W RR--Chief Engineers Files--3634--(folder 1 of 2)--Crossing and Real
> Estate--Hoptacong, NJ (1953-1960)
> DL&W RR--Chief Engineers Files--3634--(folder 2 of 2)--Crossing and Real
> Estate--Hoptacong, NJ (1922-1953)
> DL&W RR--Chief Engineers Files--6666--Railroad issues--Hoptacong/Landing,
> NJ (1935-1960)
> DL&W RR--Chief Engineers Files--6756--Railroad issues--Hoptacong, NJ
> (1918-1959)
> DL&W RR--Chief Engineers Files--7314--Sign/billboard application
> #2142--Lake Hoptacong, NJ (1954)
> I do not claim to be an expert on these locations, but I would be happy to
> pull, photocopy and review the stuff for you.
> Patrick McKnight
> Historian/Archivist
> Steamtown NHS
> 570-340-5193
> We need history, not to tell us what happened or to explain the past, but
> to make the past alive so that it can explain us and make a future
> possible.-Alan Bloom
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> To: "Erie Lacakwanna List"
> From: "William E. Botkin"
> Date: 08/17/2008 02:35PM
> Subject: (erielack) Mock-up Model of Lake Hopatcong Station
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> Hopatcong_aerial_signal_bridge_looking_west.jpg (image/jpeg, 1024x768
> 125506 bytes, BF: 6.27 ppb)
> Hopatcong_009.jpg (image/jpeg, 3072x2304 3028808 bytes, BF: 2.34 ppb)
> Hopatcong_track_level_looking_west.jpg (image/jpeg, 1024x768 102824 bytes,
> BF: 7.65 ppb)
> Hopatcong_track_level_signal_bridge.jpg (image/jpeg, 1024x768 123480
> bytes, BF: 6.37 ppb)
> Hi fellow modelers,
> As some of you know, I am modeling the DL&W in the Port Morris,NJ area in
> the 1952-53 era in HO. For years, fellow lister Mike DelVecchio used to
> call my pike the Delaware, Lackawanna and Lumber since it had no scenery:)
> I have finally started the scenery using Styrofoam sheets laminated
> together to form the contours. In order to work on the landscape contours
> at Lake Hopatcong, I needed to mock-up some scale models of the station
> building, the pedestrian walkway, elevator towers and Landing Road
> overbridge.
> Thanks to Paul Tupaczewski's help with some current-day photos and actual
> dimension of the station building and Landing Road bridge, I was able to
> do some VERY rough mock-ups using scraps of the Styrofoam and scaling from
> various photos in the Morning Sun books and photos purchased from Bob
> Pennisi.
> If anyone out there has actual drawings of any of the Hopatcong buildings
> or structures, I would appreciate hearing from you off-line. Any
> constructive comments on the mock-ups are also appreciated!
> Bill Botkin
> Centennial, CO
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