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From: "J DOT Henry Priebe Jr DOT " root AT bluemoon DOT net
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 12:38:10 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: P&L Junction (was: (erielack) Interchange with Genesee & Wyoming
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Here's a 1960 or so era USGS map of P&L and G&W Jcts. When I was there about
10 years ago there was still a shanty and "P&L Jct" sign at the P&L diamonds,
I wonder if they are still there. The small LV interchange yard was also still
there and was being used at the time.

Does anyone know what P&L stands for? Pittburgh & Lehigh maybe?


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On Wed, 19 Aug 2009, Paul Brezicki wrote:

> Pat,
> Pre-merger, G&W interchange with Erie was technically at G&W Jct on the
> Rochester branch, located less than a mile south of P&L Jct, which was the
> interchange with B&O, NYC and LV. The interchange was handled by Rochester
> trains. At some point post-merger, interchange shifted to Greigsville, which
> was located only a mile from the big salt mine. This was handled, at least
> in later EL years, by the Groveland Turn, which operated out of Buffalo and
> of course diverged from the Rochester line at N Alexander, Jct with the DL&W
> main. I believe the volume was substantial, perhaps several dozen cars per
> week. I have one Groveland Turn consist from 3/76 and there is no G&W
> interchange (ie no empty salt cars) on this one. Some of the output may have
> been seasonal, ie for road salt. This may have been stockpiled during the
> fall. I think a good bit of it was interchanged with D&H at Binghamton
> enroute to the Port of Albany. Perhaps Dave Heckman can comment on that.
> When D&H obtained TR on Conrail, the traffic was shifted to the B&O and came
> onto the former Erie at Silver Springs. Erie probably used a variety of CH's
> for salt traffic, including the cylindricals. I recall seeing a dedicated
> D&H salt consist coming through Hornell EB in 8/77; IIRC it was 25-30 cars,
> mostly or all cylindricals. The train may have filled with Morton cars at
> Silver Springs.
> Hope this helps.
> Paul B
> From:
> Subject: P&L Junction (was: (erielack) Interchange with Genesee & Wyoming
> Todd...
> Interesting. I guess all this time I never realized that the Erie went
> through P&L junction. I knew that it was where the B&O (BR&P) crossed the
> Lehigh Valley and that the NYC Peanut Line was thrown in there, along with
> the G&W.
> Thanks! So, I wonder how much the Erie interchanged with the G&W?
> - -pat
> I hope this helps


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