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From: "Schuyler Larrabee" schuyler DOT larrabee AT verizon DOT net
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 21:22:23 -0400
Subject: RE: (erielack) FW: Old Photo ID needed on
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Rich and I discussed these a bit privately before.

I'm convinced that the first image:
Is "forward" in this version, not the flipped version. These are in Johnson City, facing east.
Also this next one:
Is taken from the same place, just with the camera re-aimed to the right and down. Those branching
tracks at the bottom are the beginnings of the ERIE branches that ran south into Johnson City in
street running. I was cruising along with these, until I saw this one:
Which threw me for a bit, because the wetlands off to the left in this shot . . . Shouldn't be
there, if this shot's taken from the same place as the others. If these are taken from the top of a
stack like in this shot, we have one >>nerveless<< photographer! You couldn't get me up there!

Or, well, maaaaybe it could. There's some wetlands/pond on the north side of the ERIE there in the
But I don't think so.

So, what's the deal with the last one? I flipped it L to R, and then I think it MIGHT be possible
that it's from some unknown vantage point west of the first two, and that it shows the stack which
the first two were taken from - not the nearby stack but the next one down. Not so bad if you don't
look down (and I don't mean the vertigo aspect) because the roads on the ground nearby don't support
that idea. If it were so, this would be between Oakdale and Westover on the map cited. That
configuration of roadways there in the map, with a road ducking under the ERIE doesn't look anything
like I remember from say 1955 on. I also don't recall any substantial industry in that area,
either. So that's probably not it.

I can't come up with any location in the Binghamton area that corresponds to this shot with the
wetlands. And the tracks. And the stacks.

I have a Binghamton area contact who is only tangentially interested in railroads, but does know a
great deal about the "olden days" in the Triple Cities. I'm going to send these to him, to see if
he can confirm/deny/help.


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> Here's a "where is this" question from lister Rich Wisneski:
> Hi Paul,
> I don't recall this being posted over to the EL list. If it
> hasn't been posted, perhaps you could link to the photo and
> see what the list comes up with?
> Rich
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