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From: JG at graytrainpix graytrainpix AT hotmail DOT com
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 16:54:39 -0400
Subject: B&M Milk Business (formerly EL in Mass.)
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Speaking of B&M milk, here's a pic that I took in 1970 in Mechanicsville, NY of a fairly modern B&M milk care (has rollers). Color was dark gray, IIRC. Looks like it was being used for company storage at the time.

Admittedly, this has limited EL relevancy, unless you DLW and early EL modelers want to take some license (this car would look good with an EL diamond in the center!). But why not, the EL milk business didn't die off until 65 or 66. And the DLW had two fairly modern boxcars (1950) converted to milk service in '55, as in the Erie / DLW Color Equipment Guide page 86-87. It would be interesting to know when the B&M car was built -- looks like it could be late 50s.

Jim Gerofsky

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