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From: Todd Hollritt thollritt AT yahoo DOT com
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 08:05:17 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Branchville NJ today
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  Well, the train has not run here in 42 years, I thought some of you might enjoy some views of the former Sussex Branch in Branchville, NJ. As you can see allot has changed since the first milk deliveries were shipped by rail from this location in 1863! The train station that stood here, and served the Lackawanna Railroad for 97 years is long gone, in the severe winter of 1994 the 125 year old station collapsed under the weight of a heavy snowfall.
  Today a modern four bay firehouse operated by Branchville Hose Company 1 has been constructed where the Lackawanna train station once stood, it has a monument to the former Railroad located in front of the firehouse. Behind the firehouse at 1 Railroad Avenue, just across a grassy path where the DL&W (EL) used to run, is the former Sussex Milk and Cream Co. building. It used to support the important milk industry here, now it serves as an office building, compare the image of the last EL passenger train with GP-7 1403 taken in 1966 with the 2008 photo.
  Also I included a few photo's of the Detroit & Mackinac baggage car (Painted as DL&W 100) that is located on the restored siding next to Montague Tool & Supply, as you can see it's filled with Stihl chainsaws and equipment. The only visible rails near the station are part of the abandoned steel bridge located east of the station.
Todd ~


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