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From: "Dad" wsmith5957 AT hotmail DOT com
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 20:36:28 -0400
Subject: DL&W clearance blueprint of 1131 class 4-6-2
"DL_W_blueprint_of_1131_class_4-6-2.jpg" - image/jpeg, 122918 bytes, 580x780 (24bit)

While rooting through the letters back & forth for the organization of the camera safari, I kept running across references from the DL&W to officials of the L&NE, NH, & L&H talking about "our blueprints sent to you of the coaches, diner, gondola, & LOCOMOTIVE". I went right back to the pile of paper on my desk and sure enough, there was a blue paper protruding near the bottom. It was the attached picture so they could be sure the engine would clear bridges,, if only the DL&W had the foresight (like the PRR) to save one of these great engines.
I remember seeing them as power on the 'Bloom' passenger train and on visits to Scranton, but when I WORKED in Scranton I finally found the remains of one. I'd been called for a mine run which switched the Taylor breaker (1962 or so) and after setting in about 10 MT hoppers, the crew went into the enginehouse of the colliery to get warm. In the cinderblock engineroom sat a large boiler that only needed the driving wheels to make it ready for service. Butterfly doors opened & the laborer began throwing scoops of pea coal into the corners then the center. I walked to the front of the boiler - no headlite, but the marker brackets were still there. No numberplate or builderplate either. R.I.P. unknown DL&W engine. I often wonder what happened to her. Anybody know??
Walter E. Smith


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