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From: "Paul R DOT Tupaczewski" paultup AT comcast DOT net
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 15:37:49 -0400
Subject: EL paper: I found my Drew stuff!
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Hi folks,

I finally found all my Boonton freighthouse paperwork in the basement! I'll
scan a little over time, since I have to take apart the books to get at the
individual sheets.

The first book says "Mty Tanks April 1962", so we're in the EL-era, but as
you'll see the paperwork still says DL&W. :)

These are all shipping orders to return empty tank cars back to get
refilled. Note the paperwork says DL&W but it has the E.F. Drew logo all
over it, since they're the shipper. I have HUNDREDS of the slips in this
book for April 1962 alone, here's a sampling of three of them.

Shipping Order 1 is for three SWTX tank cars returning to Chicago via EL and
Chicago River & Indiana (a NYC subsidiary by this point). Interestingly, the
cars brought soybean oil (then called "soya") to Drew, but I always thought
Swift handled livestock, not agricultural goods?

Shipping Order 2 is for a single GATX tank car going to Geneva, NY,
interchanging at Syracuse to the NYC for delivery. It carried "Cno. Oil"
(misspelling?) to Drew, and is returning to get corn oil.

Shipping Order 3 is for a single SHPX tank car going back to Rocky Mountain,
NC via one heck of a reverse route: EL to P'burg, CNJ to Allentown, Reading
to Park Jct, B&O to Pot Yard, RF&P to Richmond, and ACL to the final
destination. This car had hauled crude soybean oil, and someone oopsed and
put that it was going to be reloaded with cottonseed oil (changed to soybean
oil again).

Each one of these orders has what appears to be a crude computer-printed
attachment for each car, and I've scanned the one attached to Shipping Order
3. It just appears to be a computer-printed simplified version of the
shipping order.

More to come! Enjoy....

- Paul


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