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From: "Dad" wsmith5957 AT hotmail DOT com
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 11:28:37 -0400
Subject: H. Houlihan, Bighamton DL&W engineer (ca. 1964)
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Mr. Houlihan usually held the job of the uptown passenger job. I shared the cab with him many days and Hap was a good instructor. He was the kind of man the Company wanted at the passenger station where this particular engine would be handling cars on & off the many (5 each way) passenger trains that stopped there daily. This also included setting out cars of mail & express to be unloaded & loaded here.
Mr. Houlihan had a custom-made throttle attachment. It was a Z-shaped piece of metal with a pipe on the end legs of the Z. This way Mr. Houlihan could attach one end of the pipe to the throttle of the EMD switcher and lean back in the engineer's seat and handle the throttle in comfort with the other end of his attachment. Of course, this attachment was not ICC approved and one day the (toothless watchdog) ICC inspector made one of his rare appearances. He went ballistic and Mr. Houlihan had to discard his homemade throttle handle. I missed the fun that day.
Regards to all,
Walter E. Smith


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