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From: "JG at graytrainpix" graytrainpix AT hotmail DOT com
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 21:36:58 -0400
Subject: Full Crew Law - NY State
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I did a Google but couldn't pin down an exact date when the NY State full
crew law was repealed. However the PRRTHS people have a series of lists
with significant dates in PRR history. (Would be great to have something
like this for the EL). In the 1966 list, there is a reference to the date
when the unions agreed to remand their objections to the repeal of the NY
State full crew law. See:

Is it a coincidence that the EL put NY98 back on the Delaware Div via PO in
1967 (and the X1 via Scranton became the CX Ordinary via PO, more or less)?
Indeed, from 67 to 72, the only trains from SC to CX were CS9 and PN98
(later to become SC8).

When I worked at SF (Suffern NY) during the summers of 71, 72 and 73, I
thought that the road freights could have either 4 or 5 man crews. The CX
Ordinary and other workhorse trains usually had the head end brakeman, but I
vaguely recall that it sometimes didn't. In that case, the crew would run
the engines light on track 4 back to where the caboose was to pick up the
rear brakeman, so that he could help with the pickup work. In that case, WC
Tower in Waldwick would put a block on Track 3, the track that the Ordinary
was sitting on, since the rear end would not have flag protection.

I believe that the manifests usually had 4 men (again, after 1970). In
August 1974, I rode SFE99 from Croxton to Meadville in a 300 series caboose.
Out of CX, it was just the rear brakeman in the caboose with me. The
conductor was up in the engine with the engineer and fireman. At PO, the
conductor rode the caboose with the rear brakeman (thus I got kicked out of
the bay window seat that I enjoyed over the NY Division). Same at Hornell.
Usual caveat, it was a long time ago and I could be wrong -- but I was
under the impression that we had 4 man crews that day. As to Niobe Jct., we
shot right thru there, non-stop.

Speaking of shots, I had my camera with me, but the weather got worse as we
proceeded west (thus I didn't get any pix of 900 series RS3s switching
Meadville Yard, as it was dreary and rainy). Nonetheless, attached are
views from the hack of Belfast Viaduct and Salamanca station (or so I think
. . . . ).

Jim Gerofsky


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