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From: walter smith wsmith5957 AT yahoo DOT com
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 20:03:16 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: O&W stockcertificate
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I hope the list police don't get after me for posting this separately, but I
forgot to include it in my post a couple hours ago (where it'd be mixed in with
EL content).
My wife & I go to a timeshare in the Florida Keys on the island of
Marathon (1/2 way to Key West). There isn't much left of the FEC's Overseas
Extension, but if u know where to look, u can find traces. I very seldom find
anything from our area of interest....the anthracite roads. Last year I visited
the old heavyweight passenger car that serves as a giftshop for the Historical
society sitting on a section of track at the North end of the famous 7-mile
bridge. I always hope to find ERIE, DL&W, or EL stuff. There wasn't any EL
stuff, but there was a New York Ontario and Western stock certificate with a
great picture of a BIG 2-8-0 camelback at the top & a few coupons still
attached. Of course I said "How much??" and was advised that it was not for sale
but on loan from a retired railroader. I jus mention this in case any of you
onlist are secret O&W buffs and would like to make a pilgrimage down to the Keys
& eat ur heart out.

COMMERCIAL content........I have a few O&W baggage stubs - some with old hemp
rope still around that would look nice if u have an old trunk to attach them to.
This rope was probably there when the stubs hung in a station while a 2-8-0
camelback panted away at the platform. Complete stub - (2 pcs) $10.00, partial -
(1 piece) $5.00

Regards to all

Walt Smith


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