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From: "Ronald" rdukarm AT roadrunner DOT com
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 15:04:23 -0400
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> Both railroads and their custmers often used old boxcars and coaches and
> the like as storage, offices and whatever. I've read of people coming
> across boxcars well off a cuirrent railroad's right of way, buut once on a
> consignees siding. Once in awahile, one hears of one found well off a
> right of way on a recently-abandoned line. > Cheers,> Jim Guthrie

Jim & List,

Back in 1984 one of our NYC fans alerted the WNYRHS that the mid-train
lounge off the 20th Century Limited, the Atlantic Shore, was in a corn field
in Iowa on a farm about 5 miles from rails. It turned out an old spur ran
out here and was served by the Rock Island. They torn up the tracks and the
farmer bought the car and used it for migrant housing. The car was used by
movie stars and the like and had a shower, barber shop, private secretyary,
etc. Now it was in deplorable condition and hadn't moved for 15 years.

We got the bright idea to secure the car for our collection. So we sent a
crew of guys out there, plowed a road through the corn fields, hired a house
mover and pulled the car 5 miles to track. We then somehow convinced the RR
to let it run on its trucks. We got it back to Buffalo.

The following year Tri-State Productions were making a movie in Buffalo -
The Natural with Robert Redford. We signed a contract and the car was used
in the movie. They caused great damage, and we sued. We settled and got the
movie set and $12,000.Its our cars in that movie.

Attached is the NYC pix of the shower. We expect to move the car in the next
year to our new museum site.

Ron Dukarm


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