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From: "Dad" wsmith5957 AT hotmail DOT com
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 20:46:59 -0400
Subject: Color pic - Scranton Dispatchers office- 1964 or so
"Scranton_Dispatchers_office_1964_or_so..jpg" - image/jpeg, 18502 bytes, 335x226 (24bit)

This somewhat out-of-focus foto was taken as I was waiting for #5 in order to cover a Midnight yard job at Binghamton in the early 60s. Mr. Finnerty was the dispatcher that night & he'd let me look at the CTC board to see how #5 was doing. There were 2 CTC boards, one on each side of this desk and the one in back of Mr. Finnerty was the one showing west of Scranton. The other showed the RR to the east of Scranton & it was this one we'd consult, watching #5s progress on the little lights until it was time for me to go downstairs, which time appeared to be soon - notice the clock showing 1035 PM.
Soon the E-8s would murmur into the station and I'd board for a quick , relaxing ride to Binghamton, no matter what the weather. Sometimes I'd ride the rear-facing cab in the trailing unit & watch the snow swirl and at small towns like Dalton, I'd see a mailsack fly from the RPO car & bounce along the platform. I remember thinking, "I sure hope there isn't a transistor radio in that sack." What a way to travel!! The best part was, THEY paid ME! You guys don't know what you missed.
Walt Smith


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