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From: "Dad" wsmith5957 AT hotmail DOT com
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 20:23:34 -0400
Subject: Bloom pix & DL&W '31' order at Netcong 1952
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First, let's look at the old '31' order at Netcong 1/3/52. Issued to the C&E of Extra 905 West, it has him wait until train 1028 Eng 1125'd u like to be there to see this bit of action???????? This was given to me by a conductor I knew when I worked for Amtrak out of DC Union Station - we were both former EL men.
Kingston, Pa foto is part of the ones I posted previously & shows the engine & caboose as well as a different view of the station.
B&W shots of the ERIE geep on the DL&W bridge at the West Pittston end was part of a detour move in 1964 - note the baywindow caboose coupled to the geep in picture #1. Photo #2 shows the train pulled over Susquehanna Ave & past the LVRR on the ther side of the river. In this foto, notice the shed on the left of the train. This sits where the DL&W Susquehanna Ave. station was in the early years of the 20th century. A small but fancy station, it existed because the wealthy of the town lived in big houses along the river. There was another, larger, station at Delaware Ave. about 5 blocks further south. Steamtown has a huge blowup of the original station - very ornate with filigree &gingerbread.
#3, the train is gone & the pilot engine heads back over the bridge & 4. As the engine clears the abutment, u can see in the distance, Campbell's Ledge -the mountain in back of the LV's Coxton yard.
I could write a page or 2 about each of these fotos, since this is one of the places where my friends & I used to hang out walking the ties to Pittston Junction, a scary affair when the river was high with ice floes in the winter or the Northumberland train would come along & catch us & we'd have to climb down onto the pier as it rumbled past.
When I was in 8th grade, I found a blanket along the riverbank below the bridge and carried it out to the 3rd pier & about this time a Senior High boy walked up with his girlfriend near where I'd found the blanket. He started yelling & cursing at me, so I threw the blanket in the river & he really got mad then. I decided to hop on the ties all the way across to the Junction & return home over one of the highway bridges further down.
Probably a smart move.

Regards to all

Walt Smith


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