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From: JG at graytrainpix graytrainpix AT hotmail DOT com
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 21:57:27 -0400
Subject: RV Drill vs. BJ Drill
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Hey Jim-

When did they change the name of the Rutherford drill? In Erie Lackawanna
days it was called the "BJ Drill". You noted it is the "RV Drill" in
Conrail days. Did that happen when Conrail took over or when they closed
the BJ Tower? Joe Jordan


EL operating personnel listed the Rutherford Drill on operating forms as either "BJ Drill" and "RV Drill"; no strict rule about that. That was "Erie-side" railroading, a bit loose. RV was the telegraph call for Rutherford depot, BJ for Rutherford Junction tower. I have attached a track car line-up written at BJ Tower, and you can see what the operator, John Tolino, called it that day. I have block sheets from BJ where Tolino himself writes "BJ" for the drill. Other operators used "RV". I myself wrote "RV Drill" on the block sheets when I worked at HX during the summers in 71, 72 and 73. This was before Conrail came up with precise alpha-numeric designations for each train. You say po - tah - to, I say po - tay - to, Conrail called the whole thing off.

Jim G.


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