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From: "Daniel G DOT McFadden" dan DOT mcfadden AT gmail DOT com
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 20:12:14 -0400
Subject: Henry Cabot Lodge Campiagn Special
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Thirteen Campaigns ago in 1960, it was JFK and Lyndon Johnson vs. Richard
Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge. The EL came into being in the midst of that
battle, just in time to run a campaign train for the Republican VP

On Sunday October 30, I was on my way from home in Brooklyn back to Drew
University. I always left time for a quick look around and on this day found
ex-DL&W private car Number 99 re-lettered for the EL, the first piece of
equipment I had seen get this treatment. In addition, a set of loud speakers
had been added to the rear platform, the purpose of which I had no clue.

Later in the day, I luckily hung out in Denville for a bit and the train of
note that evening was Number 42. It had for power E-8 814, GP-7 967, and E-8
813 - the E-8's were re-lettered for EL (and absolutely gleaming).

By this time, I had heard that a campaign special was running the next day
and making a stop in Chatham. So of course I was there; the special had six
cars with Number 99 on the rear for speech making and the power of course
was the 813 and 814. Once the train stopped, the assembled crowd spilled out
onto the tracks and Henry Cabot Lodge made his few brief remarks. They were
off for points west at 12:17. What impressed me most was that the entire six
car train was re-lettered for the EL, this less than two full weeks after
the merger.

In Volume 24, No. 4 of The Diamond, there is a picture of a coach in Hoboken
being re-lettered for the EL on October 26. Undoubtedly, this was being done
for the upcoming campaign special. Obviously, the EL wanted to put on a good
show and put the new corporate name front and center.

One side note to this which is that Number 3, the Phoebe Snow, preceded the
special by about an hour and had ex-Erie private car number 3 on the tail
end. So the Erie colors were on display this day as well. In those days,
there was half hour local service, so between Number 3 and the Special,
there were three MU's passing. I think just one west-bound MU was delayed.
The EL knew how to run a railroad.

Dan McFadden


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