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Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 14:05:18 -0400
Subject: More on Lake Jct...
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Here are some more resources from Bob Bahrs. There are two diagrams - one of
HO Jct and one of Lake Jct (the latter is circa 1972, note the new
connection is still "proposed).

The other six slides of Bob's are described by him below. Please remember,
these are Bob's photos and are copywritten.

I'll be the first to ask: How did the EL get to the Hercules siding? Did
they have to traverse the CNJ to do this? (or was this the CNJ's siding? I
thought DL&W had one, too)

- Paul


Hopefully these photos with help those people that never saw HO Jct or Lake
Jct have a little better understanding of the two unique locations.
All six photos are from Bob Bahrs are NOT to be copied or for reproduction.
All are for the education and enjoyment of EL chat group members, and guests
only. :)

1. The ore train or as we use to refer to it as, The Junker, cause of the
great looking motive power that it always possessed, is seen here returning
from Green Pond Jct with just engines and caboose. Its pulling up through
the yard at Lake Jct on the Main, headed for the Diamond with the Chester Br
and then on to HO Jct and back to Allentown. April or 1971

2 CS 9 is going west over the CNJ which has just put about 10 cars on the
ground right under where RT 80 is built or was being built. They never
repaired the track, they just built new track around the outside of the
wreck. The train that derailed was not SE98 or ES99 which would have had to
make there long reverse move right on this section of track, but it was the
job going or coming back from Green Pond Jct that derailed. The green PC
box car is right about were Morris County Jct was. That's where the line to
Nolans Point, on Lake Hopatcong went off. 12/19/70

3 ES99 with the 3064 is slipping through HO Jct. The power on the left
was for EL1 LE2 that ran between HO and Eport. The HO drill engine is over
in front of the yard office. The caboose could have been LE2s or for the HO
drill? Your looking geographically east north east at this scene, or just
were the dirt road pulls into HO. After the yard office burned , the
trailer would have been placed to the extreme left of the photo. 8/15/72

4. Further around the bend at HO Jct, going towards Lake Jct, you again see
LE2, EL1s power laying over, and probably the local drill engine tied up
along side the old wooden sand car. Not sure when Thather Glass opened up?
That may have been the reason for the larger motive power on the drill by
this time. During the 1960s it was always an SW on the local drill at HO.
With out a roster in front of me, probably an SW 1200? 5/6/73

5. Looking north east, down at the whole yard and yard office, at HO Jct
( Hopatcong Jct )
The track in the center of the photo that has the one old CNJ box car on it
would later be severed, and that switch removed. See diagram. April of

6. Photo scanned a little dark but you can just make out the old sanding
crane that would swing out over the track that LE2, EL1s power is tied up on
here at HO Jct. 7/4/75

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