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Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 12:42:00 -0400
Subject: Seatrain
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I've attached a pic of the Weehawken Sealand terminal, taken during a 1975
boat trip on the Hudson River. I recall seeing the Seatrain COFC cars on
NY98 pretty regularly in 72 and 73. I also recall seeing bigger blocks of
Seatrain COFC on the head end of NY97, maybe 10 or 12 cars (while working
third tricks at HX, WJ or SF). That was relatively rare, though; most
nights NY97 was mostly non-intermodal traffic (in 72 and 73). Thanks to
Gordy Smith for confirming my hazy memory that the EL loaded and unloaded ST
containers in Weehawken, not Croxton. I recall a rumor that the EL actually
ran a solid westbound Seatrain COFC consist once or twice (but I didn't see

The EL was obviously trying to compete for Seatrain business, but NY97 and
NY98 weren't exactly the fastest trains to Chicago. I don't recall ever
seeing Seatrain cars in the 99s and 100s. Wonder what the EL's logic was
regarding this business? I don't think it was too successful; by 1975 you
rarely saw any Seatrain traffic on EL trains.

Jim Gerofsky


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