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Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 22:11:00 EST
Subject: Trivia Q Answer
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As Rich Pennisi stated this order was written countless times when a crew
was working the Auto Facility at Mount Pocono on track one. A west bound
would be given an order to run west on track two Stroudsburg to Tobyhanna thus
allowing both crews to operate.

What is significant about this particular order is that it was the last one
ever issued by the Scranton Dispatchers office. It was issued by Glenn
Clark, ( who was still living a few months ago) to Joe Paradise at
Stroudsburg Tower, on the afternoon of Jan 18 1977. By the time second trick
dispatcher Jim Finan came in everything had been transferred to the Hoboken
Dispatchers office. He stayed a few hours and went home. When he closed the
door that evening the Dispatchers office and the entire station sat dormant
and vacant for the first time in it's 68 year existence.

Per my article in the Tri State Chapter newsletter Vol 5, No 3, On Jan 3,
the CTC board for Chenango Forks had been moved to BD Tower. The other two
boards eventually

got moved. The CTC board for Factoryville Tunnel was moved to Bridge 60
tower, and the CTC board governing Scranton to Tobyhanna was moved to

Over the years Joe Paradise and a small group of us including Mike Miterko
had become friends from are frequent visits on Saturday and Sunday
mornings to Stroudsburg Tower. He held a relief trick that covered Stroudsburg
Tower both mornings. He kept two copies of this Train Order for me, and wrote
the attached note on the paper it was folded in. One of my biggest regrets
is not having kept in touch with Joe after he retire. In addition to the
line up information he would furnish us, he allowed Mike and I to preserve
all the Tower Books that at the time were all in the attic of the tower.

Bob Bahrs


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