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From: "Chuck Yungkurth" raildata AT comcast DOT net
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 21:14:43 -0700
Subject: Re: (erielack) LV / D&H routing through Owego
"OwegoRR.jpg" - image/jpeg, 1055x815 (24bit)

The crossover was east of the one to the LV yard and was a trailing point.
I think it was changed some time after 1918 and you need to see a later map.
Likely when the union agreements allowed D&H and LV crews to run through.

If you were at the Owego meet you probably saw the clides I loaned Bill
Caloroaso in which I am sure there were shots of LV trains crossing over.

If not, let me know and I'll scan a slide. I must have about 100 views of
trains at this spot! Attached is a map I made for Bill and the Owego Meet.

Chuck Y

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From: "Bob Clegg"
To: "EL Mail List"
Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 8:48 PM
Subject: Re: (erielack) LV / D&H routing through Owego

> Okay, I see that crossover, but that's the one at the end of Central Ave,
> West of North Ave. that I referenced in the original note. The only
> access according to this chart (1918 vintage) is at MP 235.1 and there are
> no crossovers east of that point. Is there another connection from the LV
> transfer yard lead to the Erie WB west of the DL&W diamonds at McMaster
> Street? That's the only way the crossover at MP236.3 would work without
> the "saw" move. I'll try to show it here:
> ________________________________________ LV yard access
> ______________\__________________________ West bound
> __________/______________________________ East bound
> McMaster street is to the left, North St. to the right. Looking north.
> Central Ave. ends at the tracks right at the crossovers coming from the
> south.
> Thanks again.
> Bob
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> From: "Michael Connor"
> To: "ELRR Lists"
> Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 8:51 PM
> Subject: RE: (erielack) LV / D&H routing through Owego
>> Bob
>> I grabbed my Conrail Susquehanna Division Track Chart (the EL Chart is in
>> a longer-term storage mode) corrected to January 1st, 1978, and it shows
>> a trailing point crossover at apx MP JC 236.3 in Owego between #1 Track
>> (westbound main) and #2 track (eastbound main). This was the crossover
>> used by LV-D&H trains coming off the LV at Owego to access #2 track for
>> movement to Binghamton.
>> Despite it being a Conrail Track Chart this was the former EL track
>> chart with minimal modification (e.g., substituting "Freeville Sec." for
>> "LVRR" etc.).
>> Can not account for why the Valuation Map didn't show this but it
>> was there.
>> MJC
>>> From:
>>> To:
>>> Subject: (erielack) LV / D&H routing through Owego
>>> Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 20:32:43 -0500
>>> Hey, guys.
>>> I've been studying the valuation maps that I brought home from the
>>> meeting
>>> in Owego which cover from milepost 234, about two miles east to just
>>> beyond
>>> Owego Creek on the west and making modifications to my HO version as
>>> space
>>> allows.
>>> I'm very curious about the eastbound routing of the LV / D&H via
>>> trackage
>>> rights through this area. I can see how westbound movements moved from
>>> the
>>> Erie to the LV. That's simple enough, just stay in the right lane
>>> (track)
>>> through town.
>>> Eastbound is another story altogether. The maps show no crossover from
>>> the
>>> westbound Erie main to the eastbound east of the point where the LV
>>> joins
>>> the Erie. Did they run left handed (Is that order 13?) all the way to
>>> Binghamton or at least for a substantial distance before crossing over
>>> to
>>> the eastbound track? Did they have to make a "saw" move, pull onto the
>>> westbound, back up to the crossover between North Ave. and the DL&W
>>> diamonds, and then move east?
>>> By the way, the Walthers Art Deco bridge kit is VERY close to the
>>> bridges
>>> over North Avenue, even if it does take two kits and a bit of cut and
>>> paste
>>> to make it three tracks + the angled track wide. Other than that, the
>>> verticle decorative channels need to be filled in and the retaining
>>> walls
>>> need to be added. I also used a piece of .020 styrene to make a floor
>>> since
>>> the prototype has ballasted roadbed through the girders rather than the
>>> supplied bridge ties.
>>> Thanks and regards,
>>> Bob
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