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From: "Paul R DOT Tupaczewski" paultup AT comcast DOT net
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 11:13:03 -0500
Subject: RE: (erielack) New Trailer Model!
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Here's a Bob Bombel photo of the EL version.

Also, the trailers can be gotten discounted. I've seen market prices averaging about $20/trailer. Yes, still not cheap, but it's $5
less than list!

- Paul

> N scale modelers have long enjoyed the wide variety of trailers available from Trainworx, but Pat has recently announced his first
> model: the 40'
> drop-frame trailer. This has long been sought by HO modelers, and until now has been unavailable. This was essentially a high-cube
> van for low-density freight including autoparts, furniture and carpeting. Unlike the drop-frame UPS van, which had a well to
> accommodate full-size wheels, the drop portion was of uniform depth, necessitating small wheels. They were built from 1965-1979,
> are perfect for most EL layouts. Someone on the Yahoo Modern Freight Car List went through OIER's and determined that drop-
> frames comprised 10-15% of the TOFC fleet in the 1970's, depending on RR, so anyone with a sizeable van collection should have a
> of these. The $25 list sounds expensive for a trailer, but I can tell you that this is the "new normal" cost from all model mfrs.
I'm listing
> the roadnames and EL-appropriate years (approximate):
> GN: 1965-76
> UP: 1965-76
> MILW: 1965-76
> ATSF: 1969-76
> N&W: 1965-76
> ICG: late '72-76
> FL: 1974-76
> Order deadline 12/31. If you would like to see other unavailable styles of the EL era, such as open-top, please email Pat with
> wish-list. Link below; clicking the first item will download the PDF.
> Paul B
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