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From: "Gary R DOT Kazin" gkazin AT yahoo DOT com
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 09:40:38 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: (erielack) The Buffalo Flyer
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--- Lynne wrote:
> If I may badger you all with more questions about this, I was interested
> in knowing more about the 'Buffalo flyer':

"Flyer" was a 'generic' nickname used by the public for any fast train,
usually preceded by its destination. As a result, any railroad serving
Buffalo could run a "Buffalo Flyer", though it probably would not call it
by that name. The Lackawanna called its Buffalo trains "Lackawanna
Limited", "Chicago Limited" (it had through cars for Chicago via another
railroad) and "Buffalo Limited" in this era. Usually, such trains stopped
only at major stations - these would have been Newark, Brick Church,
Summit, Morristown and Dover. The Lackawanna had local trains between
Scranton and points west that served all stations.

I have attached two postcards of interest.

"Buffalo Express going through Chatham, N.J.", a side view of a train of
at least five cars - the rear is shrouded in smoke from the engine.
Unfortunately, it wasn't mailed so I can't date it well, but it's older
than 1920.

"Buffalo Flyer passing James Park, Madison, N.J." and is postmarked Sep 6,
1910. It's a head-on view from a bridge, and again five cars are visible
before the smoke hides the rear.

Gary R. Kazin
DL&W Milepost R35.7
Rockaway, New Jersey

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