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From: "Douglas Morgan" dmorgan21 AT rochester DOT rr DOT com
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 12:34:42 -0500
Subject: RE: (erielack) Dansville NY Monte Verde Memories
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Here is a photo of them loading bare root stock onto a car at McNair's
Doug Morgan

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Subject: (erielack) Dansville NY Monte Verde Memories

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Dansville, my hometown depot, was about 4 miles out of the village on
Dansville Hill where the DL climbed out of the Genesee Valley, the 2nd
steepest grade on the DL next to Scranton and the Poconos. I have many
memories of hiking up there listening to the open block line phone as each
open station agent to the east and west would OS the trains by their station
to the Buffalo Dispatcher and you'd know by watching the big Seth Thomas on
the wall that you could step out on the platform and watch each train appear
around their respective curves.

Also as a kid, my dad being cab driver would take me up to see, he meet the
Phoebe Snow #3 due at 5:27, and get passengers and take them to the Physical
Culture Hotel and leave me there til #10 the New York Mail #10 , due at 7:10
PM. 10 would come in to be worked heavily on the head end with storage mail
and Railway Express, especially in the spring when the Genesee Valley
nurseries would back a truck up to a load a baggage car 3/4 full with
wrapped 6-7 foot long trees, and I, as a 13 year old, would push one of
those exact carts down and exchange the inbound and outbound first class
mail from the RPO car, then head up to help load the nursery stock and other
headend mail. In the spring we'd stick #10 for 15=20 minutes. # 10 had 2
E8's, 8-9 headend cars a through 300 series coach and sleeper, and a buffet
lounge car that had come west on #15 from Elmira to Buffalo in the morning,
providing The Owl passengers a breakfast option before its noonish arrival
at Buffalo. The Buffet Lounge was taken off of #10 eastbound at Elmira.

David J. Monte Verde

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