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From: Michael Riley wdperson AT gmail DOT com
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 22:33:51 -0500
Subject: KW/Croxton - Train Register
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Hope all is well with everyone on the list. In September Bob Bahrs posted
to the list that there was an item on eBay that more then likely was
related to KW Tower. I was the winning bidder of the item. I bought the
item for a few reasons, one was I love the operations of the EL, what
trains went where, when, etc. I find that very fascinating. I have always
wondered what it would be like to have 24 hours and see every train
(engine) that would operate across the system in a given day. Secondly, I
wanted to be sure that it would be preserved for future generations. Once
I am done with this item I plan on donating it to the ELHS archives for
others to enjoy. I'd rather not resell it on eBay and not knowing that it
would be preserved for future generations. I do, however, also want to
share this item. So I decided I am going to scan in every day (there is a
east and west section to each day) and then post them to the list. The
first day is June 13th, 1973 and ends on July 15th, 1973. I figure I would
start posting these to the list on December 13th, 2013 and then proceed
each day until January 15th, 2014. This would be 40 and a half years to
the day after it was written. Also I am in school until December 13th so I
will have more time to spend on scanning and posting. I wanted to share
the first day with everyone now to show you what this book contains. I
sent it over to Paul Tupaczewski earlier today for his review and it
generated a few questions and information from him. He told me about the
symbol 1/NRR, 2/NRR and 3/NRR (Northern Jobs). I had not heard of this
one. I hope everyone enjoys these and finds them interesting. The first
image (IMG_3486.JPG) is a photo of the outside of the train register. If
anyone has any questions feel free to contact me offline if necessary.

Mike Riley


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