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From: Philip Albano palbano AT earthlink DOT net
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 10:18:41 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Trainsheets
"AC_Tower_Jan_4_1970.jpg" - image/jpeg, 1629x1811 (256c)

Here are two trainsheets, one from HN Tower Kenton, Ohio where the EL crossed the PC, and one from AC Tower Marion, Ohio. With well over 100 moves per day, slow orders on the diamonds, many yard engine moves and the Dayton trains backing out of the yard thru the interlocking, then going thru the interlocking again to head south on the Dayton branch, AC Tower was the ultimate challenge for an EL tower operator, at least those on the West end of the EL.

The AC Tower trainsheet from Jan. 4, 1970 shows only the EL and PC trains that used the joint trackage between Marion and Galion, Ohio, plus C&O passenger trains that stopped at the station. Engine numbers are generally shown first, then the symbol. Penn Central symbols are SV6, NY8, BF2, CD6, NY6, BC7, ABF3, BF3, MR2 and BC7. No.315 and 316 were Penn Central passenger trains between Cleveland and Indianapolis. Most of you are familar with the EL symbols. DN98 was the Dayton train. C&O passenger trains No. 46 and 47 was the Sportsman, combined with the George Washington.

The last No.6 the Lake Cities and the second to last No. 5 is shown. Note that yard engine 458 took diner 746 off No. 5 and another yard engine 461 put it on No.6. This diner swap was normally done at Huntington, Ind. but was done at Marion instead probably because No. 5 was running late.

The HN Tower trainsheet from July 4, 1969 shows an interesting day. Note that 3 trains have PAs: SF100 859, Advance 78 857 and NE97 854. 3 trains (besides No.5 & 6)have E8s: MILW100 813, Advance NY99 810, and RN(Marion)97 817. 74 had lead unit 3182, apparently a foreign road engine. No. 6 had lead unit 833, which has been restored to original Erie two tone green colors by Mr. Jim Wilson of the NY&GL. 833 headed up the recent Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society excursions out of Scranton (shameless plug: ). N Ord (Huntington Ordinary) has SD45 802 that went to the D&H. It evidently was put on TC6 at Huntington and came right back east.July 4 was evenly balanced with 13 eastbounds and 13 westbounds, and no locals due to the holiday.



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