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From: Mike Oravec MOEL AT paonline DOT com
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 22:25:39 -0500
Subject: Re: (erielack) DL&W Buffalo Stockyards
"DL_W_E.Buffalo_Stockyards_1950_19inches.gif" - image/gif, 1368x1048+0+0 (2c)

Here is a detailed partial of the DL&W stock facilities about 1950.
(According to Henry's aerial photo, from trackside there were additional
covered pens to the left separated by some open space.) Notice too part
of the the DL Icing Platform.

Back in July when I asked about which stock facility was used after the
merger (most likely Erie's), it was mentioned that the DL Livestock
facility was burned. Ron, have you come across any newspaper accounts
of this?

Mike O.


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