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From: chris AT costellomfg DOT com
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015 16:44:30 -0700
Subject: Re: (erielack) Coming from JJL Models!
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And of course, I forgot to include the images.

> Paul,
> Thanks for sharing out information.
> Everyone,
> I felt I should add a little information to clarify some some of the
> details on the flyer. All models are HO at this time. We are planning on
> N-scale at some point and O-scale if there is a demand for it. The
> N-scale versions will come after we get more familiar with the injection
> molding process since we need to make everything even smaller than it
> already is. O-scale will be a different challenge for us because the
> capacity of our machine may not handle one-piece bodies that large. Also,
> at this time everything will be an undecorated kit. Some day we will do
> decorated models but that is definitely down the road.
> Now, about the models. The Dunmore's will be first. Our flyer says there
> will be three versions, C100-C169 Riveted, C170-C221 Welded and C222-C269
> Welded with a longer distance between truck centers. I also noticed
> during my research that the interior changed when the distance between
> truck centers changed. The kits will have an interior (or parts for the
> interior) that reflect this change.
> We are also in the process of designing our own trucks for the kits. I
> have heard of issues with the express trucks available. They were either
> not correct, or there had to be modifications because the available trucks
> interfered with the steps on the caboose. With everything I am seeing so
> far, our express trucks will not interfere with the steps and will be
> "correct" for the model. We will also include Kadee's and metal wheels
> with the kits. I have not decided which manufactuer to go with for metal
> wheels and I personally don't have a preference so if someone has a huge
> preference for one over the other because of performance or price, please
> let me know.
> Details are something I've noticed are not consistent on the caboose.
> After some research I realized it was more that ceertain things were added
> or taken away generally based on the era of the model. Since most of
> these modifications were small we will probably just include all detail
> parts and you can pick and choose what you add or exclude. The main
> things I've seen so far are roof walks and end platforms started as wood
> plank then were changed to metal grates and the the roof walks were
> removed. Both a wood plank and a metal grate will be included, and
> obviously you can elect to not install the rook walks if you're modelling
> late EL/Conrail. Also, they were built without eves over the window but
> at some point early on what looks to be half of a pipe was added about all
> the windows. The rock shields for the windows will still be included too.
> The final major thing I noticed was the end rails were modified. I assume
> this was done by Conrail since I do not recall seeing a picture where they
> had changed and in service with EL. If this assumption is wrong let me
> know, I'd be interested in knowing when it happened.
> As Paul stated, we were showing the CAD Renderings. Unless you were at
> the show, you did not see the progress and the images on the flyer do not
> do the renderings justice in my opinion. I am attaching a couple screen
> shots of the CAD models to show off some of the progress (ignore the
> trucks on the models, they are generic and have no detail at the moment).
> I also am attaching a picture of the part Paul made reference to. Like he
> said the production body will be one piece. This as molded just to show
> the detail we can get.
> The next model up is questionable. I was originally planning on the
> transfer caboose to be the first model but Ben Bartlett was able to share
> some additional plans with me that shed some light on some details that I
> had to make an educated guess on so I have to go back and do a little
> redesign. I may start work on it after I get the design on the Dunmores
> complete, but I am working on getting access to a few pieces of equipment
> that I want to measure. If I think I have all the information I need for
> something I may push it ahead of the transfer caboose. Of course if
> several people request another model, I could re-prioritize.
> If anyone who is interested has not found our webpage yet, it is
> or we can be found on facebook under JJL Models.
> Both pages are primitive right now, but we figured getting a product is a
> higher priority right now. Also, we are working on getting
> as I am sure that is easier to remember. I'll let everyone know when we
> finally get it.
> We are also working on starting an email list. We plan on doing an update
> email on progress and we'll generally announce our new products there
> first. I figure it will be monthly unless we have a big announcement to
> make so we won't overwhelm your email. Also, we will keep all contact
> information to ourselves so don't worry about that. We don't have any
> automatic setup yet so if you would like to be on this list, send us an
> email at and we will add your email to the list.
> Also, as Paul said, we are looking for suggestions. I can't guarantee
> every suggestion will be made, but I will look at every one of them and
> consider it. I know some of you may be interested in other roads than
> Erie, DL&W and EL, and we would be willing to produce those as well.
> The last thing I wanted to touch on is model reservations/preorder. We
> prefer to call these reservations since we are not collecting any money
> yet and won't until we ship a model, but we figure it is important to make
> sure that we produce enough models for the demand. If you want to reserve
> a Dunmore, or any other model on the list, please send us an email with
> what model, how many you want and your contact information (name and email
> is fine). One we are ready to ship we will send you an email back with an
> invoice that you can pay and we will send you your order.
> Thank you to all who took the time to read this email and I look forward
> to shipping our first models soon.
> Chris Costello
> JJL Models
> Costello Manufacturing
>> Bob
>> Yes, JJL is producing all HO models
>> Jeff S.
>> On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 3:22 PM, Bob Dobrowolski
>> wrote:
>>> I'll assume these are all HO models?
>>> Thanks, Bob D.
>>> On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 1:59 PM, Paul R. Tupaczewski
>>> wrote:
>>> >
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>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > JJL_flyer_page_1.jpg (image/jpeg, 1117x1462 236721 bytes, BF: 6.810
>>> ppb)
>>> > JJL_flyer_page_2.jpg (image/jpeg, 1115x1190 127775 bytes, BF: 10.38
>>> ppb)
>>> >
>>> > Hi folks,
>>> >
>>> > I've been swamped with work lately so I haven't had much of a chance
>>> to
>>> > process the activities at the Garden State RPM meet 10 days
>>> > ago, so I'll play a little catch-up here...
>>> >
>>> > Chris and Michael Costello were there (better known as the "new" JJL
>>> > Models). They were showing CAD renderings of their first two
>>> > projects - an EL transfer caboose and an EL/Erie riveted Dunmore
>>> caboose.
>>> > More importantly, they had a finished sample of the
>>> > Dunmore end - done up in plastic! Yes, JJL now has an injection
>>> molding
>>> > machine and will be producing all their kits in plastic as
>>> > one-piece bodies (the end was just a sample). Their list of projects
>>> is
>>> > impressive, and I've attached the sheets they were handing
>>> > out.
>>> >
>>> > They're looking for suggestions, too!
>>> >
>>> > - Paul
>>> >
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>>> Thanks,
>>> Bob D.
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