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From: RBehre8599 AT aol DOT com
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 21:11:35 EST
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Neat photo attached to this...the train is w/b going by EL:'s E.55th Street
yard in Cleveland (the E.55th St. station was located on the right in the far

Rich Behrendt
ELHS #384


EL also used TMs for ore service. I talked to a number of Erie guys that
work out of Cleveland. They all remember the TMs and say they were super

Take a look at this shot that I have in the's 3 TMs at E
55th Street.


HR50, Al, and all,

Love all the long train stories, from everyone but especially from you
guys who work on the trains! You guys should write a book. Anyway,
lot's of good real life railroading stories.

On a last note, it's amazing what those old B&O Alco's used to do around
here. But besides the B&O, if you recall, there was also the EL who
used to drag all their ore trains out of town with just RS-3's for a long
time. I hate to admit I'm old enough to remember seeing all that stuff,
but was glad to have witnessed it. The new stuff is neat in what it can
do too, but nothing matches that old stuff for sound and sight.


On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 22:53:03 -0500 "Ronald J. Spiga"
> They routinely took 150 loads of coal downtown. Usually they made a
> cut at Sherwin Williams and then took 50 cars at a time to Whiskey
Island, partially because
> of the extreme grade on the transfer tracks and partially because each
of the three tracks held
> approximately 50 cars. On the first two cuts this allowed the crew to
come back down a clear track .............

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 19:39:14 -0500 "conrailer"
> 270 empty hoppers would be about 8100 tons which is manageable out of
> harbor with good power, they may have picked up at portion of the train
> Carson yard which was sometimes done with ore trains, Carson being
> on top of the hill by I-90. Since I,ve been an engineer I had 220 empty
hoppers to
> Columbus out of Collinwood, my personal longest train was an ML403 with
> empty Tri-levels from Cleveland to Buckeye yard that one came in at a
> over 3 miles long!, took 3 entire tracks at Buckeye and a lot of time
to put......................

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