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From: Michael DeCarlo mikedc3 AT optonline DOT net
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2003 17:49:58 -0500
Subject: NJ Cut Off pictures 12-06-03
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I took a drive out on the abandoned cut off from Stanhope to Roseville Tunnel today. Here's
some pics. I might go further west tomorow.

1, CoWbStanhopeHill1.jpg:

This is looking westbound in Stanhope. The hill to the right is the one mentioned on page 77
and 80 of the book "The Lackawanna Railroad in Northwest NJ" According to the book 10,000 Lbs
of dynamite and 20,000 Lbs of powder were set off at once to bring this hill side down. The
book says 32,000 cubic yards were dislodged in the blast. The tracks were on the raised portion
on the right. The small trees are growing at the edge of the ties. Note the bolder laying in
the center of the ROW.

2, CoS10.jpg:

Eastbound at the same location. That's my EMD covered wagon there. Well at least it's a GM.

3, CoEbStanhopeCurve.jpg

This is also in Stanhope looking RR eastbound. Most people think the cut off is straight. It's
not, It actually runs almost due North out of Port Morris, with a large "S" turn in
Stanhope/Byram area. It doesn't turn west until it hits the Pequest fill west of Roseville

4, CoLkLackawanna.jpg:

This is looking off the ROW at Lake Lackawanna in Byram NJ, I have seen many pictures of the
cut off taken from the road across the lake from here.

5, CoWbRoseville1.jpg:

Looking westbound on the large fill between Lk Lackawanna and Roseville Tunnel. That large snow
covered thing in the center is the mountain over the tunnel.

6, CoWBRoseville3.jpg:

This is the east side of Roseville Tunnel. I was hoping the huge ice stalactites that form
inside the tunnel every year would have formed by now but they're not there yet. Anyone know
the clearance of the tunnel? The east end is clearly bigger than the west end. As you can see
there is at least 25 feet here. There is a section near the west end that is lined with
concrete, The rest is natural rock.

7, CoBlastHoles.jpg:

These might be a little hard to see but, The two black holes in this pic are the remains of the
holes that were drilled and then filled with explosive to blast the tunnel. These holes are
found throughout the tunnel.

8, CoEbDwafrSig.jpg:

Coming back east. This is in the middle of the "S" turn in Stanhope. Note the dwarf signal on
the right giving my the Highball!!

9, CoEbSwitch1.jpg:
I know it's hard to tell but, That signal base and the clump of trees is where the double track
started heading east into Port Morris which is about 2 miles east of here.

10, CoEbRt605.jpg:

Looking east from the CR 605 bridge, They will have to do a lot of drainage work here when they
re open the line. That water flows like a brook all year. Port Morris is about 3/4 a mile from

11, CoWbRt605.jpg:

Looking west from the same bridge. The dirt road I use to get on the cut off is in the woods to
the right. There is a bus company to the left that I think was owned by Frank Black? There is a
RS unit stored in Whippany on the Morristown and Erie named for him. See pic 12.

12, MnEFL91.jpg:

I happened to catch the MnE Fl9's working in Whippany yard today as well. I think that's the
Unabomber walking up the road. Note the RS unit to the right is the one mentioned above. Also
in this pic is the former MCC 4039 steamer and the boom car for the Erie crane. Whippany RR
Museum is GREAT!!


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