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From: Michael DeCarlo mikedc3 AT optonline DOT net
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 01:00:57 -0500
Subject: More NJ Cut Off pictures from Sunday.
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We went back out on the Cut Off Sunday. We tried to go all the way to Greendell but deep snow
drifts on the Pequest Fill turned us back.

I did get a few pics of the line between the west end of Roseville Tunnel and the Pequest Fill
though. I made these smaller then the last ones, Hopefully they will load faster.


Icicles in the tunnel. This is the west end of the tunnel. At times these get several feet
thick. Ice also forms on the floor from the water dripping down. I will have to check back
later in the winter.


West portal and rock cut beyond. Note the poles on the right side. This is the remains of the
rockslide fence.

CoWbRosevillecut1.jpg, and CoWbRosevilleCut2.jpg:

Deep cut on the west side of the tunnel. This is another area that's flooded all year. There is
also a lot of fallen rock in this cut.


More remains of the rockslide fence and an old milepost. It looks like Conrail completely left
the fence alone when they abandoned the line. At one time it was all there. Pieces are torn
down\missing now. From what's left it looks like any rocks falling down would push the fence
out of place which would break the contacts inside these boxes and in turn would set the
signals to stop. This is my personal favorite artifact left along the entire route.


A picture of some other visitors on the Cut Off Sunday. That's Roseville RD in the back ground.


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